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Be treated like family.

We work hard to build a culture of trust, honesty, and sincerity. We believe that you and your pets deserve a veterinary practice that puts you above all else. Because being a pet owner is a source of endless joy, but it also comes with questions, fears, and doubts. This is why we believe you deserve a true partner who you can lean on whenever those arise. So ask your questions. Bring your problems. And be sure that your pet is receiving nothing but the best medical care possible.

What to expect

Our front desk staff will greet you warmly, and we’ll get you and your pet into your exam room as soon as possible. We are a Fear Free practice, meaning we go to great lengths to minimize the amount of stress your dog or cat feels during their visit. In the exam room, one of our technicians will ask you a few questions and better understand the nature of your visit, and then your veterinarian will enter to perform a thorough examination. At all times, it is important to us that you feel comfortable enough to ask us questions and share your concerns.

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What your neighbors say…

Best Vet Ever. Rachel Blankmeyer has been both our barn vet and has seen our dogs as well, and I swear we couldn’t have figured out how to raise our menagerie of animals without her. She is so knowledgeable, so willing to share that knowledge and so accommodating to our style of raising animals, that it is always an absolute pleasure to work with her. Her staff is great and they make it easy to schedule and meet the needs of our animals. I HIGHLY recommend Black Canyon Veterinary Clinic!!!


I had a client with a really, really sick horse last weekend, just after Thanksgiving. This horse was fine one minute and on her death bed the next. Dr. Rachel did everything possible to give the horse the best chance at survival. Dr. Rachel’s bedside manner and her communication with me (the trainer) and the owners was phenomenal. I love how she treated the horse like her own and spoke to the owners honestly but with compassion.


Jake Rehard saved our pups life. He got us in last minute and listened to our concerns when other vets did not see the situation as an emergency. He showed us the xrays and walked us through his clinical reasoning so we were informed and equal participants in the plan of care. Our pup wouldn’t have made it another 24 hours without Black Canyon.


I so appreciate having a vet who listens and doesn’t ignore or discredit a client’s knowledge and experience. Dr. Rachel answers my questions and teaches me in new situations I have not yet experienced, while allowing me to help make decisions regarding my dogs’ care when it is a familiar circumstance. This clinic’s prices are so affordable and appreciated!!


In the past, I worked in Veterinary Hospitals for a number of years in several capacities and locations. I have finally found a clinic and Veterinarians who meet my standards. With extremely knowledgeable and compassionate staff being as important to me as the actual veterinary care, I am pleased to say that Black Canyon is my choice for my critters.


We had such a fantastic experience at Black Canyon Vet! Our dog is 11 and normally petrified of going NEAR the front door of a vet office, and he was incredibly calm and happy to walk into their business and have his annual exam. That’s a win in our book. Rachel is amazing!